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Linear actuators are used also in the renewable energies industry, first of all in the photovoltaic field, for handling solar concentrators and panels.

Technical Range

  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Steel cross gearbox
  • Steel ACME lead screw
  • Stroke: upto 1000mm
  • Max. Static load: 45000N
  • Speed: 2mm/s to 9mm/s
  • Intermittent Duty Cycle
  • Vol.: 24 VDC


Electric linear actuators allow rows of panels and concentrators cells the chasing of sun movements, for the whole day, continuously adjusting their position and orientation to store the energy to be converted into electricity.

Rays, in fact, must be always perpendicular to the photovoltaic module surface to get the maximum efficiency.

Moreover, photovoltaic plants using electric linear actuators, applied to one or two rotation axes, increase productivity when compared to fixed photovoltaic systems.

The proposed technology has the advantage of being performingprecise and at the same time eco-friendly, less impacting than a hydraulic or pneumatic system.

To the reliability of these linear motion devices must be added the strongness, which ensures a long life for the application, due to the fact that, having a static load higher than the dynamic one, they also resist in case of harsh climatic conditions as the wind.