A-Tek Industries

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Due to the various challenges in the ever-changing scenario of human care, a very precise and reliable system is required. In order to meet these challenges, new devices are needed that will not only enable faster, safer, and more reliable diagnoses and therapies, but will also increase patient comfort and ease of use. The actuator supports the medical industry with components of the highest quality and technical know-how.

Technical Range

  • DC motor- therefore easy to control
  • Control box, foot switch, remote( hand held swtich)
  • Stroke: upto 400mm
  • Load: 5000N
  • Speed: 2mm/s to 9mm/s
  • Duty Cycle: 25%
  • Vol.: 12,24 VDC


1) Imaging Equipment

2) Laboratory automation equipment

3) Surgical equipment

4) Surgical equipment

5) Life support equipment

6) Dental equipment

7) Ophthalmic equipment

8) Hospital care equipment

9) Fitness and rehabilitation equipment