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Automation in the industrial workplace provides the advantages of improving productivity and quality while reducing errors and waste, increasing safety, and adding flexibility to the manufacturing process.
The globalization of our economy has given rise to very demanding conditions for Indian companies. There is a pressing need, more than ever for higher quality, productivity and competitive cost of production & services. Meeting these needs is possible only through innovative approaches / solutions and also automation.
A-Tek Industries is the preferred full-service provider in India for System Integration and Control System Upgrade, Automation and Electrical System Installation. For increasing the productivity, quality, and eventually the sales figures, robotics and automation have already proved their mantel. We at A-Tek Industries have gone ahead a step further in this regards so that we can give a solution to problems that industries might face in the future.
We provide solution for the various segments ranging from Industrial Automation, Steel, Mining, Solar, Textile, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Defence,etc., providing products from different sets of brands and make, which are specialized in Electrical, Mechanical and Electro-mechanical products.
We support not only in supplying the Hardware and Programming of the automation but also help in Projects of our clients in terms of creating a system with the help of our tie-ups.

Our Vision

A-Tek Industries strives to be the leading Industrial Solutions provider through innovation and modern technology with advanced superior engineering capabilities and world-class quality products.

Our Mission

Customers: We are committed to provide the best-value products and quality services that will ensure optimum benefit and profitability for our customers Supply Partners: Together with our suppliers, we find and develop the best value-products and services, technologically superior, best-in-class and quality-certified products to support our customers

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